The Tokai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic was established by Doctor Pacharapong Patrasinsuntorn (Doctor Pat) in 1987. Tokai Clinic provides a full range of surgical cosmetic procedures that aim to improve and enhance facial and body features, to create renewed beauty through precise, safe, and modern surgical techniques. 

The Tokai Clinic is situated a few kilometers south of Bangkok, and very close to the excellent transport network that now embraces the capital of Thailand. The city’s Suvarnabhumi airport is only 30 minutes away, making travel to and from the clinic simple, and for those wishing to combine great value for money cosmetic surgery with an exotic holiday, travel to well known attractions such as Phuket and Chiang Mai is just a short , one hour, flight away.

Doctor Pat and his highly qualified support team, have many years of experience and expertise, and enjoy a well earned and enviable reputation in the field of cosmetic surgery. As many have testified, Tokai Clinic has provided extremely safe and successful cosmetic surgery to clients from around the World, all of whom have benefited both physically and emotionally from the procedures carried out. 

Tokai Clinic offers both Major, and Minor, Surgical procedures, as well as Skin Care Treatments. 

Major Surgery, for which some hospitalization may be necessary, includes Face Lifts, Breast Reduction and Augmentation (Implants), Liposuction, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), and Implants for buttock and calves.

Minor Surgery, carried out without any hospitalization, includes Eye Surgery, Nose implants / reduction, Ear pinning, Lip uplift, Nipple reduction, and many other small beauty-enhancing procedures.

Skin Care Treatment, again without the need for hospitalization, includes the removal of small skin defects such as warts, and the treatment of minor skin imperfections such as acne scarring.